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Ronald Bush, MD

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Do you want to look and feel healthy, be energetic and enjoy a productive life as you age? Book a consultation with Dr. Ronald Bush and the team at RB Laser Lipo & Aesthetics in Palm Desert, California. Their treatment approach takes into account nutritional supplementation, lifestyle modification, and hormone optimization to help you attain your personal goals. Call or click to schedule an appointment today.

Anti-Aging Q & A

What is age management?

Age management is a relatively new concept in the medical field. It consists of being proactive and taking a preventive approach toward preserving the health of the aging population and delaying the development of chronic diseases. Age management and anti-aging medicine is often centered around helping aging men and women look and feel their best with a variety of proven-effective services.

Age management focuses on services, such as an improvement in nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications, hormone optimization, and aesthetic treatments.

How does the age management program work?

Dr. Bush starts the age management program by ordering essential blood work and other measurements that are necessary to track the progress. The blood work measures hormones, inflammatory and oxidative markers, and other measures of aging. These markers are regulated by many factors, including:

  • Diet
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Physical activity
  • Hormonal optimization

Dr. Bush then plans the diet and physical activity and prescribes the supplements and hormones to suit you and your individual needs and preferences. Your progress is monitored by measuring changes in the markers.

Any other cosmetic treatments, such as tissue tightening or fillers to smooth skin, can be added to your anti-aging plan when you’re ready.

What is Titan tissue tightening?

Dr. Bush offers Titan tissue tightening for those looking to tighten and lift the neck, cheeks, jowls, and forehead.

The Titan system uses a precise pulsed infrared light. Certain light energies and radiofrequency energy can be successfully used to heat the deeper layers of the skin while protecting the skin surface. The heating activates fibroblasts – cells that create collagen and elastin, which are proteins that tighten and firm your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and creating a more youthful looking complexion.

Titan treatments involve a quick in-office procedure with no downtime and you can return to your daily activities right away. Results of Titan tissue tightening vary and can last for a few years or more. Best results might take a few months to be fully noticeable. Multiple treatments, typically three to five, might be necessary.

The FDA has even endorsed the Titan system for the temporary relief of minor joint pain associated with arthritis. The temperature increases where the device is applied, helping blood circulation and relaxing tense muscles.

What is a low glycemic index diet?

A low glycemic index (GI) diet consists of foods low in carbohydrates and sugars that don’t suddenly raise your blood sugar level. This is highly beneficial and helps to prevent or delay the onset of many chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. The low GI diet also helps to optimize health and increase longevity.

Foods on the low GI diet are scored on a scale of 0 to 100, and low GI foods (less than 55 on the scale) include peas, carrots, peanuts, hummus, and most fruits.

What is hormone optimization?

As you age, hormonal levels tend to decrease, often leading to a lesser quality of life and increasing the risk of various chronic diseases. Dr. Bush uses bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to promote wellness and optimize and balance your hormone levels.

He starts with a complete physical exam, blood work, and any other tests as required. Based on the complete evaluation, he offers a choice of hormone replacement methods to help you gain optimal health.

Dr. Bush is the first in the area to offer pellet replacement therapy, a convenient and effective way to receive hormone supplementation.

To enjoy a healthy and productive life as you age, call or click to schedule an appointment today.