What Is Age Management?

The struggle against aging is as an ancient one, sending explorers out to look for a fountain of youth and medical researchers to their labs to study cells and genes. While the net result of these efforts haven’t been fruitful in terms of stopping the aging process, there’s much we can do to better manage the journey.

At RB Laser Lipo & Aesthetics, under the expert direction of Dr. Ronald Bush, our team offers a wide range of cutting-edge products and services that can erase the signs of aging on the outside. However, we believe that managing aging is an outside and inside job, which is why we offer a special service called age management.

Here’s a look at the many ways we can improve the aging process, allowing you to remain healthy, youthful, and vibrant through and through.

What you put in

The human body requires the right fuel to function properly, and if you take a look at the typical American diet full of processed and fast foods, you can begin to see that we’re not doing our bodies any favors. Think of it this way — the reason why you should put high-octane fuel into your car is because it’s more efficient and doesn’t burn up as quickly as the cheap stuff, which leads to knocking in your engine.

Your body operates the same way. Sure, a donut provides quick fuel, but your body burns the carbs and sugar quickly, leaving you hungry for more. But if you give your body fuel that sustains it, your systems function better.

This is why nutrition is an important part of our age management services. When you come in, we run a full work-up of your blood to see where your body could use some extra resources. Based on our findings, we recommend a diet (typically a low glycemic index diet) and supplements that will have your body humming along in great health.

Sending the right message

All of your body’s systems are regulated by hormones, which are tiny chemical messengers that are transported throughout the body to stimulate your cells and tissues into action. As you age, you lose critical hormones — think estrogen in women and testosterone in men, for example.

As part of our age management program, we optimize your hormone levels through our hormone replacement therapies, which help both men and women with overall wellness. We deliver these hormones through slow-release pellets, which we place just under your skin, usually on your arm.

On the outside

The more obvious effects of aging are seen in your skin, which is your body’s largest organ. With time, your skin loses critical structural support, leaving it to sag and wrinkle. To reboot your skin, we offer Titan™ tissue tightening, which is an innovative laser technology that relies on precise pulsed infrared light. This light activates fibroblasts in your dermis, which create a call for collagen — the protein responsible for the tone and strength in your skin. As well, the fibroblasts also encourage more elastin fibers to develop, which help give your skin its elasticity and suppleness.

With renewed collagen and elastin fiber production, we can tighten sagging skin, especially in those highly exposed areas such as your face and neck.

Interestingly, this same technology can also help relieve joint pain, which is a common complaint among people as they age.

The bottom line is that we have the tools you need to age beautifully inside and out through our age management services. To learn more, contact our office in Palm Desert, California, at 760-372-9718 to speak to our friendly staff and schedule your consultation.

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