Spots, Scars, and Stretch Marks: 3D Therapy Can Treat Them All

Taking care of multiple skin concerns used to require several different procedures. But with the right laser or energy treatment, spots, scars, and stretch marks can all be remedied at the same time. Your skin is repaired and rejuvenated, and you look young and refreshed, without the hassle of several appointments.

At RB Laser Lipo & Aesthetics in Palm Desert, California, Ronald Bush, MD, has developed the 3D Therapy, combining three or more energy treatments into one session. This gives you even better results in less time and with fewer visits.

The cause of your skin conditions

Dark spots on the skin can be caused by sun damage, age, or even a bug bite or cut on the skin that never fully healed. Sun spots, also called age spots or liver spots, are usually found on the face, hands, and arms. And changes in hormones can lead to melasma, the condition that leaves behind patches of discolored skin. If not treated, these issues linger and can get darker over time. 

The same goes for hypertrophic scars and keloids. Sometimes during the healing process these raised scars don’t fade or vanish, which creates an unwanted skin condition that makes many people self-conscious. Acne scars have the same negative impact.

Stretch marks are another type of scar usually associated with pregnancy, but can affect anyone who has rapidly lost or gained weight, had a growth spurt (especially during puberty), or overused a corticosteroid on their skin. The collagen and elastin rupture, leaving behind bands or lines of different colors and textures. 

Get texture, tone, and tightness back

If your skin complaint is a lack of tightness or an even texture and tone in your skin, our 3D Skin Rejuvenation system corrects these conditions as well. Within just a few weeks you have healthy, beautiful skin. We choose the type of laser based on your specific concerns.

Non-ablative laser treatments

Fractional CO2 laser

For some skin resurfacing treatments, Dr. Bush uses the fractional CO2 laser, which is both safe and non-ablative. This means that the laser heats deep into your skin without damaging or destroying the surface layer. This speeds up healing and recovery time and is less noticeable on your skin than a treatment that removes the outer layer. 

The heat of the laser helps with wrinkles, lines, spots, scars, and stretch marks by prompting your body to heal itself. The natural reaction to this heat is to produce new collagen. These are essential elements for texture, tone, and tightness and are what make the skin look healthy and young. The procedure is fast (about 45 minutes), done right in the office. And we apply a topical anesthetic to make you even more comfortable.

The laser genesis 

An additional non-ablative laser option we use is the Laser Genesis. It performs in a similar fashion, and is ideal for reducing redness, lines, and large pores. The signs of aging are reversed, and your skin is renewed. 

Harnessing another energy treatment

The IPL (intense pulsed light) photofacial uses a technology similar to a laser, but has multiple wavelengths of pulsating light. It also treats a variety of skin problems at the same time. The light energy targets specific colors in your skin, eliminating redness, scars, brown and grey spots, and other pigment issues that cause uneven skin tone. It can also eliminate 50%-70% of your broken blood vessels. 

With each of these energy treatments, Dr. Bush may recommend several visits, depending on the severity of your conditions and your personal goals. But they each address several concerns at once. Let Dr. Bush and the power of energy technology treat your spots, scars, and stretchmarks. Call us to get started. 

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