Laser Hair Removal: Because Shorts and Swimsuits Are Year-Round Dress in the Desert

Smooth, sexy skin is always in style, no matter where you are and no matter what the weather is doing outside. Still, there’s no denying that when you live in a warm or desert climate, the pressure is really on to keep your skin looking and feeling its best all the time. If you live in a seasonal climate, you can always opt to skip waxing and shaving for a little while or at least extend your time between treatments during the colder months of the year when your skin is covered by cool-weather clothing. But when the weather tends to be on the warm side all year long, your skin is exposed a lot more — and that means your waxing and shaving routines don’t get any breaks.

When you think about it, you probably spend a lot of time maintaining your body hair — or more accurately, getting rid of it. Shaving, waxing, and plucking may not seem all that time-consuming, but when you add up all the minutes and hours you spend every week and every month in these activities, you’d probably be surprised by how much of your life is spent getting rid of unwanted body hair. At RB Laser Lipo & Aesthetics, we know there are lots of other things you’d rather be doing than waxing and shaving. Our laser hair removal treatments use the most advanced technology to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair permanently, so you can free up those extra hours for more enjoyable activities. Plus, new technology means your treatments can be a lot more comfortable too.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal uses super-thin beams of laser energy to target hair follicles, or more precisely, the active root area of the follicle. Hair growth occurs at the root, and the root is also where the hair’s blood supply is located. By targeting the follicle root zone, laser hair removal can actually prevent hair growth from happening in the future, so you can enjoy smoother skin permanently. When the laser energy hits the hair shaft, it’s absorbed by the pigments inside the shaft and transmitted to the follicle — or more precisely, that active root zone. The heat energy is just enough to damage the follicle and prevent hair from growing in the future, but not enough to damage your skin or other surrounding cells or tissues.

Hair growth occurs in three distinct phases: the active phase that comprises the bulk of the cycle (generally from two to seven years, depending on the hair’s location); the resting phase, which lasts about three months; and the shedding phase, when old hairs fall out. To be effective, laser hair treatment needs to be performed during a hair’s active stage, when the hair is firmly attached to the follicle. Without this firm attachment, the hair shaft can’t transfer as much of the laser heat to the follicle, which means the follicle might not be damaged. Since hair grows at different rates, most people need a series of treatments (usually three to seven) to make sure every hair is treated during its active phase.

During and after laser hair treatment: What to expect

Prior to your treatment, you’ll need to stop trimming, plucking, and waxing in the treatment area for a few weeks, and you’ll also need to limit sun exposure to avoid irritating the area. Just before your treatment, your hair will be trimmed to just above the surface of your skin.

Once your skin is prepared, Dr. Bush will pass the handheld laser device across your skin. Each burst of laser energy can treat multiple hairs. The length of your treatment will depend on the size of the area that’s being treated. For instance, treating the upper lip area takes about a minute or less, while treating the back or the legs can take about an hour. After your treatment, you can go back to your regular activities without any downtime. You’ll need to avoid prolonged sun exposure for about six weeks after your treatment to avoid irritation.

Take that next step toward sexier skin

Why spend hours taming unwanted body hair when you can get rid of it for good with just a few laser hair treatment sessions? At RB Laser Lipo & Aesthetics, we customize every treatment for optimal results. To start your treatments, book an appointment online today.

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