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Is BodyFX Safe?

Jiggly thighs. A muffin top. Love handles. These are just three of the ways many adults experience weight gain. Dieting and exercise may help you slim down, but sometimes the stubborn fat won’t go away. 

Body FX is a body-contouring method to help you get rid of fat in problem areas like these. At RB Laser Lipo & Aesthetics, we offer Body FX to patients in and around Palm Desert, California, who want to put the finishing touches on their weight-loss goals. 

Let’s dive into what’s involved in the treatment and whether it’s a safe option for you.

How it works

BodyFX by InModeⓇ is a state-of-the-art body-contouring treatment that reduces cellulite and tightens your skin. The handheld device uses three different methods to dissolve unwanted fat in hard-to-slim areas:

With radiofrequency technology, Ronald Bush, MD heats your underlying fat, damaging the cells so the body gradually clears them away over time. The vacuum technology gently suctions your skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite while tightening jiggly skin.

The safe option 

Your safety should always come first when considering a new treatment. BodyFX is a safe, FDA-approved procedure, so you can feel comfortable and confident every time you come in for a session. 

This cutting-edge treatment can be safely used on body areas like the:

It can also treat any areas of cellulite.

Radiofrequency technology is administered at a pulse rate of one million cycles per second. While this may sound fast, we assure you it is incredibly safe for your body while still offering safe and beautiful results.

Dr. Bush and a staff member assist you during your treatment, so you’ll be under a doctor’s watch the entire time. The BodyFX device includes a temperature gauge and controlled energy cut-off to keep you safe and ensure you’re the most comfortable you can be.

Does it hurt?

One of the most common questions we get regarding the BodyFX treatment is, “Does it hurt?” BodyFX was created with your comfort in mind, so you have nothing to worry about. Its one-of-a-kind technology applies uniform deep heating for your comfort. 

Unlike CoolSculpting, Body FX uses heat, so many patients consider it to be more comfortable. The feeling is often described to be similar to a relaxing, hot stone massage. 

Get firm, tight skin today

Are you ready to say goodbye to dimpled, jiggly skin? BodyFX tightens and tones your skin to give it a more desirable appearance. You’ll notice tighter skin after the first treatment, but you may need 4-8 treatments to get the full results you want. Sessions can be spaced eight weeks apart, and your results will gradually appear between your treatments, as fat slowly clears from your body.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably too busy to deal with a long recovery. BodyFX requires no downtime, so you can return to work right away. It’s even considered a lunchtime procedure because many of our patients squeeze it into the middle of their workday.

Stop wondering what BodyFX is like and find out for yourself. Schedule your consultation today by calling 760-372-9718 or booking online.

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