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How Our Anti-Aging Treatments Keep You Looking Young

It seems like just yesterday you were blowing out candles on the cake at your birthday party as a teenager. Then perhaps you went to college, got married, or had kids. Now that you’re older, you’ve probably experienced some changes in how you look. Do you see wrinkles and sagging skin in the mirror?

RB Laser & Lipo Aesthetics in Palm Desert, California, provides a variety of anti-aging treatments to help you look and feel more youthful. Dr. Ronald Bush and our team offer four treatments that tighten, smooth, or rejuvenate your skin so it looks more like it did when you were younger. 

1. Refine your jawline with Titan tissue tightening

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. As you age, your skin becomes less elastic and thinner which often causes jowls to form. A facelift used to be the only way to get a more contoured jawline, but the surgery comes with a high price tag and long recovery time.

Titan tissue tightening is a nonsurgical way to tighten and firm your skin in places like the jowls, eyelids, and neck. By administering a targeted infrared light into the dermis of your skin, Titan stimulates collagen growth to fill and tighten sagging skin. It also improves skin texture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

2. Laser skin renewal for glowing skin 

It’s no secret that fine lines, wrinkles, and rougher skin come with age. If you’re like most people, you probably have a few skin concerns you’d like to address.

Laser skin renewal uses laser technology to stimulate collagen and elastin growth. Say goodbye to unsightly skin tone and hello to beautiful, even-toned skin. 

Dr. Bush incorporates 3D skin rejuvenation to bring you three benefits in one treatment: texture, tone, and tightness. That way you save time and money by eliminating the need for multiple treatments. 

3. Say goodbye to wrinkles with BOTOXⓇ

Do you feel like your once-youthful skin is now prone to wrinkles? As sun damage and the effects of gravity take a toll on your skin, wrinkles often appear. There are many anti-aging products on the market, but most do little to change your skin.

BOTOX is the most popular cosmetic treatment nationwide and rightfully so. This FDA-approved procedure temporarily paralyzes facial muscles so you’re left with smooth, wrinkle-free skin in places like your forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines. The results last for 3-4 months, which make it a cost-effective treatment to reveal a natural, but younger-looking you. 

4. HydraFacialⓇ to rejuvenate your complexion 

Your face is exposed to many pollutants, beauty products, and sun damage throughout your life. After years of wear and tear, it’s no wonder that the top layer of your skin gets damaged and dull. 

HydraFacial removes impurities from your skin to reveal the dewy, beautiful complexion underneath. The vacuum-assisted technology thoroughly cleanses your pores before polishing your skin with an ultra-hydrating brightening serum. In a treatment that takes just 30 minutes, Dr. Bush uses a special handheld device to improve your overall skin texture while addressing skin care concerns like:

This procedure is a good option for those who are looking for fresher, glowing skin.

You deserve to love the way you look, even as you age. If you’re tired of looking older, one of our anti-aging treatments can help you shed years off your appearance. Schedule your appointment today by calling 760-372-9718 or booking online.

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