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Help! I Need to Lose Weight

The global pandemic has been difficult for all of us. Many people found it incredibly hard to stay in shape while being quarantined at home for months while the gyms were closed. And not to mention if you were stress eating or binge watching far too much Netflix, you might have added on some extra weight.

You can say goodbye to that extra bit of bulge on your waist — but it’s much easier when you have professional help. RB Laser Lipo & Aesthetics in Palm Desert, California, offers medically supervised weight loss programs and SmartlipoⓇ to help get you in the best shape of your life. 

Medically supervised weight loss

Do you want to lose weight without any nips or tucks? Our medically supervised weight-loss program can help you get to a healthy weight. 

Many people who turn to physician-supervised weight loss plans have tried to get into shape before, but have not found an effective way to do so. That’s because many factors need to be considered when shedding pounds.

Losing weight is about more than just diet and exercise. Your genetics and environment are two of the vital components of losing weight. Ronald Bush, MD takes these into account and creates a weight-loss program designed specifically for your body type and individual goals. 

To help you slim down, he may incorporate a number of things into your program, such as supplements, medications, and rehabilitative exercise. Most programs last 3-6 months, and upon your completion, Dr. Bush may suggest a maintenance program to ensure you sustain your progress.

Cornerstone Wellness Program

For those who are looking to get lean and gain muscle definition, our Cornerstone Wellness Program can make your fitness goals come to life. Dr. Bush focuses on lowering your caloric intake and integrates healthy foods into your meal plans so you can safely lose 1-2 pounds a week.

To minimize cravings and maximize fat loss, Dr. Bush gives you supplements and delicious protein shakes to help you feel satisfied. These optimize your energy levels so you feel in tip-top shape every day of the program.


If you want to get rid of extra fat in the easiest way possible, Smartlipo may be just what you need. A less-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction, this treatment uses laser energy to melt away fat beneath your skin. 

A tiny incision is made, and a thin tube is inserted to perform the laser-assisted lipolysis. After the fat is liquified, Dr. Bush removes the debris. In addition to removing fat, the laser tightens overlying skin and gives it a smooth appearance.

One of the best parts about Smartlipo is that the downtime is extremely minimal, and many patients return to their normal routine the next day.

Smartlipo can effectively treat areas of the body like the neck, under the chin, upper arms, tummy, love handles, upper back, and thighs. You can expect minimal bruising with Smartlipo.

The bottom line

Slimming down can be incredibly hard when you don’t have a physician by your side. If you prefer the noninvasive way with a medical weight loss program, Dr. Bush builds you a diet and health regimen that can help you shed stubborn weight. 

Or you can opt for the minimally invasive Smartlipo, that uses laser technology to help you instantly banish fat with minimal downtime. 

Meet with Dr. Bush today to find out which service is best for you. Schedule your appointment by calling 760-372-9718 or booking online.

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