Burning that Unwanted Fat is Easier With Contora's Radio Frequency (RF) Laser

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If you would like to do away with excess fat that seems to linger even if you eat healthfully and exercise, you may want to consider BodyTite by Inmode. This revolutionary laser procedure, which is performed by Ronald Bush, MD, at RB Laser Lipo & Aesthetics, contours the body to bring about dramatic results without the need for invasive surgery.

How BodyTite works

Using a specialized wand, BodyTite uses advanced radio frequency (RF) technology and heat to liquify fat in the treatment area. This process allows Dr. Bush to strategically tone, remodel, and tighten your skin while supporting surrounding structures. BodyTite can also use RF heat to liquify fat for easier removal through liposuction.

You’re probably a strong candidate for BodyTite if you:

How BodyTite is performed

BodyTite differs from more invasive procedures in that no major cuts are made in your skin. During the treatment, you may be under light sedation or local anesthesia. If you’re especially anxious, additional medication can be provided.

For your procedure, Dr. Bush inserts a part of the special wand into your skin through a tiny incision, which won’t lead to scarring. From there, RF heat is strategically applied in the treatment area. The amount of time needed for the procedure may vary depending on the location and amount of fat you’d like removed.

BodyTite recovery

You won’t need any hospital time or lengthy downtime after your BodyTite procedure. You may experience some swelling or bruising, which will gradually diminish on its own. Wearing compression garments, as directed by Dr. Bush, can help ensure a quick and comfortable recovery. In all, healing may take a couple of weeks. During this time, you can go about your life as usual, minus strenuous activities, such as intense exercise or heavy lifting.

BodyTite results

As soon as your swelling or bruising has gone down, you’ll see full results. Outcomes usually appear very natural and compare well to results from an arm lift or tummy tuck. In addition to a slimmer physique, BodyTite allows for tightened, sleeker skin. Results are permanent, though you’ll want to continue with your healthy lifestyle habits to make the most of them.

To find out if BodyTite is right for you, schedule a consultation online or over the phone with RB Laser Lipo & Aesthetics today. Our whole team would love to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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